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Are you travelling across the roads of North East London? And have you missed fuelled your fuel tank? Don’t you worry about that, call Auto Fuel Doctor for the fastest and most reliable fuel drainage service.


Do you know installing petrol in diesel engine increases friction between engine components? It would be more beneficial if you grasp and follow some of the important measures to avoid severe damages to your engine. Firstly, turn off your engine and don’t start it. Secondly, contact the petrol station staff. 

Are you in North East London? Put the Diesel in Petrol Car? Follow the same important steps as above for Petrol in Diesel. Firstly, turn off your engine. Secondly, contact the fuel station staff. Thirdly, if you are in the middle of the road, anywhere in North East London or it’s or its surrounding, call for the wrong fuel service of Auto fuel doctor. 

If your combustible tank is infected with AdBlue in North East London or its neighboring areas, it must be removed and cleaned professionally. It’s not too late, call us, and our local North East London team works in fuel pumps/stations as well as on the highways to handle any wrong fuel problems.


Are you in North East London and made the mistake of putting Unleaded in Diesel? Summon us now; our crew does not care about the weather. We will respond to your call regardless of the fact that it’s 12 AM or 12 PM. Our team will get you within 30 minutes to provide you the best petrol in diesel drainage service.


Put the wrong fuel in your car?

There is a complete difference between the composition of Petrol and Diesel.

Petrol is a volatile fluid mixture of hydrocarbons, heptane, hexane, and octane and works as a solvent in flaming engines. In contrast, Diesel is obtained by petroleum distillation and not as explosive as petrol. Furthermore, the problem arises when these two completely different things got mixed with each other. Putting Diesel in petrol engine and petrol in diesel can cause severe problems. For this purpose, Auto Fuel Doctor is providing wrong fuel recovery services in different states of the UK. Our North East London unit is working 24/7 for your help; call us, and get the best fuel recovery services within an hour.

Fuel Services

Have you put AdBlue in the fuel tank? Or have you made any other wrong fuelling confusion? Auto Fuel Doctor have a solution for all of your problems.


After you miss fueled your car, your first action should be turning off your car engine, and don’t even try to turn it until our professionals refuel it with the right fuel.

Fuel Disposal

What to do after inserting incorrect fuel in your car? Have you switched ON the ignition yet? If not, don’t! Until and unless our professionals completely dispose of it from the engine.



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